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  1. The power of donation. Rules and laws.

    Happiness is a feeling that lies within us, it is part of our nature. The desire to share happiness is the great driving force that motivates us to make donations. According to the Vedic scriptures, it is necessary to make donations, observing certain rules, because everything in our life and around us is subject to the Universal Laws. If we study these laws and follow them, then our life becomes more conscious, more favorable and happier.

    What can be considered a donation?

    – knowledge that we have and that we want to share;
    – prayers (if we make prayers, and send all auspicious fruits to the person for whom we prayed);
    – energy and effort (in the form of physical, moral, emotional assistance);
    – food (the best option when donated cooked and hallowed food that does not contain animal products);
    – clothes;
    – money (in many cultures there is the concept of donating “tithes” – 10% of the amount of income per month. Of course, the amount may increase or decrease depending on circumstances or personal motives. The main thing is that it should be significant for the budget);
    – personal time aimed at helping others.

    To whom, where and for what purposes can you give donations?

    – to priests, brahmans, sages, holy people, monks;
    – in temples — on construction and maintenance;
    – on the development of spiritual, educational and educational projects;
    – children without parents;
    – mothers who raise children alone;
    – sick people, people with disabilities;
    – old people, as well as older people living in nursing homes;
    – people in need of help;
    – to charitable organizations that we trust and whose activities are beyond doubt;
    – animal shelters.

    It is important to know that part of the responsibility for charity falls on us. For example, if we donate money to projects that have caused harm, then we also become complicit in such projects. It must be remembered that attentiveness, conscientiousness and rationality are important components of charitable affairs.

    When are donations most favorable?

    – In the days of major religious holidays.
    – In the days of the appearance and care of holy people.
    – In the new moon.
    – In the days of equinox.
    – In the days of the beginning of an important business and at the time of its completion.
    – During important events in personal life: birthday, wedding, child birth.
    – In Ekadashi.

    Do not forget that a donation is not only money, but also a prayer, timely assistance, care, kind thoughts and words.

    A sacrifice in goodness is always disinterested, filled with love, made out of a sense of duty and compassion. The main purpose of it is to bring good, without demanding anything in return. This kind of charity gives us the opportunity to change our destiny for the better, purify the heart, soften karma and develop the mind. By making donations in goodness, we ourselves become vehicles for Divine energy.

    There are a few more rules for doing charity work:

    – you should always donate with gratitude and respect. We need to thank the one who accepts the donation and worship (at least in thought).

    – donations are not favorable to do in public places: markets, train stations, in the subway. Sometimes those who ask for alms in such places cause us to feel pity. But we must remember that donating out of pity has nothing to do with donating out of feelings of compassion or duty.

    – the donation near the temple has a favorable nature, it elevates the one who makes the donation and the one who accepts, strengthening the faith in God.

    – the philanthropist always receives in return as much benefit as there is piety in the one to whom the donation was made.

    Donations make our hearts softer, helping to develop a feeling of compassion, improve our karma, give prosperity, teach nobility and generosity, care for those who need help and protection. If we do good deeds in accordance with the Universal Laws, they will bring us benefit, joy and happiness.
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